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How to Choose the Right Working Desk?

Finding the right working desk for your work style is important. You or your company is going to be spending on your working desk purchase and you'll want to get it right the first time. Below we'll run through a few things to consider when selecting your computer desk, like your budget, working style and personal preferences, which are three important considerations when looking to buy the best working desk for you.

1.) What's Your Budget?
Before you start searching for working desk, start thinking about what you're looking for and identify the minimum and maximum amount you're looking to spend (or are allowed to spend). This will help you in your search for a desk because you'll already have an idea of what you're looking for.
- Make a list of your 'must-haves' in a desk
- Identify the least and most you'd spend on a desk

2.) Identify how you make use of the Desk
Paper-work (L-shaped Desks or U shape desk)
If you have more paper-work and need extra space, you can get an L-shaped desk. L-shaped desk can easily place in middle of a room or along the wall, it is suitable for people who need a little more desktop space to work on. If you have more space, you can take some low cabinet for storage purpose to become a U shape desk.

Home Work Desk

For consideration of spacious available, a rectangular computer desk is always a good choice for a simple and more functionality home work style.

Executive Desk

Executive desks can be in standard or higher end material, a variety of shapes and sizes. Design is varies with sizes and material.

Adjustable Height Desk

Adjustable Height Desks are quickly becoming a popular trend in Modern workplaces. The idea is simple. By limiting the amount of time you spend seated in a given day, you can stave off a variety of potential health risks. Adjustable Height desks also allow you to easily raise and lower your desktop or laptop to proper heights. 

Folding Desk

A selection of innovative and space saving furniture which able to provide a spacious and functional office environment.

Depending on your work style and available space, you may consider the following:

- What are the measurements of your office or workspace?
- How much desk spacious do you need?
- Do you prefer to stand up periodically throughout the day?
- Functionality of the desks. Would one configuration work better than another?
Need some ideas on selecting the right computer desk for you? Feel free to give us a call or WhatsApp +6012-6099391 and one of our furniture consultants would be happy to help.